Seattle Housing Authority

Save My Spot


Save My Spot

To remain active on waitlists for SHA-owned/managed properties and on the Housing Choice Voucher list, applicants are required to check in once every month using SHA's 24-hour automated Save My Spot system.

Applicants who do not check in once every month will be removed from the lists.

There are two ways to check in. Applicants can choose either. There is no need to do both.

Check in online

In the box below, enter the Social Security number for the person named as head of household on the housing application. Do not use commas, spaces or dashes. For example, 531-97-8484 would be entered as 531978484.

Check in by phone

Call 206.256.7000 locally or 866.623.5111 toll-free nationally. Follow the instructions received on the call.

Need help?

If you are having trouble using either the online or telephone check-in systems and need help, please contact us. Please note that leaving a phone message or using our contact form does not complete the required check in.